Daily Archives: 26th July 2023

Paradise Park’s choughs released at Kent coast

Ten Red-billed Choughs, which are part of the well-established group at Paradise Park in Cornwall, are being released near Dover. This is part of a project with our partners Wildwood Trust and Kent Wildlife Trust.

Choughs in the flocking aviary at Paradise Park in Cornwall - Pic Ali Hales
Choughs in the flocking aviary at Paradise Park in Cornwall. Pic Ali Hales

A large aviary is home to the initial cohort of young birds, with the soft release being undertaken by Liz Corry of Wildwood Trust. Liz has been part of the team to re-establish the species on Jersey in The Channel Islands. There is now a population of over forty birds living and breeding in the wild on Jersey.

The species has been absent from Kent for 200 years so this is an exciting time for us at Paradise Park. Director Alison Hales said “It will be wonderful to see these fabulous birds flying over the white cliffs of Dover soon.”

The White Cliffs near Dover - home for choughs?
The White Cliffs near Dover – home for choughs. Pic Ali Hales

More young birds bred at Paradise Park will be making the journey from Cornwall to Kent as releases will continue for a minimum of five years. The Red-billed Chough is a sedentary species so returning them to Kent will, in future, help to join up the isolated populations in the UK.

Four chough chicks destined to be released in Kent - Pic Ray Hales
Four chough chicks at Paradise Park, Cornwall, destined to be released in Kent. Pic Ray Hales

We are working to create further partnerships, with the aim of future releases along the South coast of England and help join up the isolated UK populations of this sedentary species.

Many thanks to everyone who has visited Paradise Park and supported our Chough project. Donations welcome here.