Chough Chicks in Kent 2017

In the spring of 2017 Red-billed Choughs were once again breeding in Kent. A pair on loan from Paradise Park in Cornwall, were set up in a large aviary at Wildwood Trust near Herne Bay. The birds marked the first steps in what will be a re-establishment of the species in Kent – and possibly other counties along the South coast of England.

The first chough chicks in Kent for hundreds of years was reported on local Television.

Wildwood Choughs

Now several more choughs from the Paradise Park breeding hub are at Wildwood. Usually, as at Paradise Park, the birds are separated into pairs in secluded breeding aviaries in early spring then back into a larger flocking enclosure for the winter months.

The staff at Wildwood produced a video on the chough, and the re-establishment project planned for the next few years.