Chough Videos

Here is a small selection of YouTube videos showing some excellent examples of the chough. Apart from actually seeing them yourself, they are one of the best ways to appreciate what a superb bird the chough is, and give an insight into its behaviour and habits.

Choughs at Porthgwarra (GoldfinchGarden

A beautiful video with music, taken at Porthgwarra, (between Land’s End and Porthcurno). It shows fully-grown young birds feeding, and one probing and digging out a grub. The leg rings on the birds identify them as a male hatched at The Lizard in 2007 male, and a female from Porthleven in 2006. (Porthgwarra, Cornwall)

Choughs feeding on Lizard Point (BobSharples)

The birds shown here are the adults from The Lizard. They are quickly grabbing themselves a snack before two of their newly-fledged youngsters come roaring in begging for food. The young choughs can be seen to have much paler beaks and feet, almost orange, in fact. (The Lizard, Cornwall)

Lizard Choughs 2010 (BobSharples)

This video shows the adult pair at The Lizard and the area around their nest site at the most Southerly Point. The parents are preening and relaxing in the sunshine among the Hottentot Fig growing on the cliff face. There are also some views of the old Lizard lifeboat station. (The Lizard, Cornwall)

Crave a bec rouge, Ty corn ( Ouessant) 10/2009 simoncladen


This is an excellent close-up sequence of an adult chough burrowing for food. It has been suggested that the chough’s bill is curved to give it more power when it is digging. The bird here is clearly intent on a meal, as can be seen by the amount of material thrown up. The clip gives a good indication of favoured habitat, in this case Sea Thrift which has been stunted by the onshore winds and gives an insight into why the birds require direct access to the soil. The bird often looks up, presumably to check for predators. (Ile d’Ouessant, Brittany)

Choughs at St Govan’s Head (ianjohnson1000)

A long sequence with commentary, filmed in Pembrokeshire, where the chough is still found in reasonable numbers. It shows the birds doing what they do most – feeding. Adult choughs will spend between 80-90% of their time hunting for food on cliff slopes. These birds show the classic brown mud ring on their beaks. (St Govan’s Head, Wales)