Chough Nest Webcam

Operation Chough Nest Cameras 2020

The webcam is back! All the nestboxes have been fully refurbished and the birds were installed on 18th March.

This year we have five breeding pairs – a second-year pairing, three well-established couples (including two older pairs who might be foster-parents if their eggs are infertile), and one new pairing. We monitor all the nests and choose one to show you depending the activity going on at any particular time.

The images come from our seclusion aviaries, where we are continuing to breed Red-billed Choughs as part of our long-term project to conserve and expand the distribution of the species.

The cameras have a small set of lights inside the nestbox to illuminate activity during the day. At night, they switch to infra-red so the birds can be seen roosting, incubating eggs or brooding chicks 24 hours a day.

As well as images, there is also sound from the nests. We find this helpful to understand if the adults are doing their ‘feeding call’. This call is needed early on as the chick don’t open their eyes for a few days, so they need an audible signal to know that it is the right time to open their mouths for food.

Many thanks to Mike & all at Handykam for cameras, software and technical support.

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